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“ We are G60 qualified Pension and Investment Consultants. ”
Simon Lowndes - Financial Advisor
Simon Lowndes
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How to plan for a richer retirement.

Have you ever considered if you are on track for a comfortable retirement? Whatever your age, you should start planning now.

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One of the most significant areas within independent financial advice encompasses pension and retirement planning.

 The same disciplines and processes applied to investment planning apply equally to retirement planning. After all, a pension is an investment within a suitable wrapper or retirement plan.

What We Offer

As G60 qualified Pension and Investment Consultants, we are often asked by our clients to look at their existing pensions and retirement provision within an overall planning context.

Your pension should:

  • Provide value for money
  • Perform satisfactorily
  • Be invested correctly
  • Be reviewed regularly
  • Reflect the risk you wish to take

If your pension falls short of these requirements, it may be time to consider contacting us for a personalised pension statement.


What You Should Ask Yourself

Perhaps you have kept large amounts in the same investment, year in year out, without reviewing it. You may have even collected several pensions over the years and may be unsure of where some of your money is invested.

We are specialists in providing accurate pension advice for individuals near and approaching retirement, individuals in retirement dissatisfied with their existing Adviser and individuals who wish to ensure they have a financially satisfying retirement through correct pension planning. When relevant we will also discuss and provide advice in relation to Retirement Options, Open Market Annuities, Enhanced and Impaired Annuities, Third Way Annuities, Income Withdrawal and Salary Related Pension Transfers.

A pension shortfall is a difference between what income you would like to receive in retirement and the amount that any current plans including the state pension are likely to pay you. Over the next few decades, millions of UK workers will face pension shortfalls when they retire, which could result in serious financial difficulties. A personalised pension statement will set out what you are projected to receive including any shortfall. By finding out now you give yourself the best possible chance to make sure you have sufficient income in retirement. Your personalised pension statement is free and you are under no obligation, so feel free to request yours now.

We provide clients with accurate and concise reports relating to their present pensions, how they have performed and whether they are within a suitable pension wrapper or vehicle for their retirement ambitions to happen.

This report will explain: –

Hidden fees you are being charged and may be unaware of

Confirmation of what level of risk, if any, you are willing to take

The level of risk you are presently taking

Advantages and disadvantages of consolidating or moving your present pensions

Your current pension value

The assets and asset classes you are currently invested in

The annual growth your pension has achieved over 1, 3 and 5 years

Annual management fees you are presently being charged


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