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“ When was YOUR last pension review? ”
Simon Lowndes - Financial Advisor
Simon Lowndes
Principal of LAD IFC Ltd

Your pension is your second biggest asset after your property.

Having your present pension reviewed is very likely to be the best financial decision you ever make.

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“Older schemes must be reviewed” –  ABI (Association of British Insurers)

“Call for crackdown on pensions rip-off” – September 2013 OFT Report (Office of Fair Trading) £40 billion could already be in poor value schemes.

Often your pension is your second biggest asset after your property and for many people, it may even be their biggest. So why don’t we know more about our pensions and give them a regular M.O.T in the same way we do our car?

Maybe apathy – lack of trust – lack of understanding –  confidence even?

Many pensions and pension funds have simply stopped working.

Fees and Performance – these are the main areas to establish and review – get either wrong and you have a problem that will undoubtedly cost a significant amount of money over the long term.


Do you find any returns are swallowed up by fees? Want to take control and significantly increase your income in retirement?

Typical fees can include:

  • Initial charges
  • Fund charges
  • Capital and Accumulation Unit charges
  • Annual management charges
  • Dealing and Custodian charges
  • Adviser charges
  • Trail commissions
  • Etc

Fund Performance:

Many pensions are invested in funds that are closed to new investments – they have high ongoing fees and poor returns – in many respects, they act as a “cash cow” for the Life & Pensions industry as individual investors have a very low propensity to review and subsequently remove them and place the funds elsewhere.

With Profits funds in some instances depending upon the individual situation have proved satisfactory investments, other a disaster. But what about their future suitability?

Certain Active Fund Managers have also repeatedly found themselves over the short medium and long-term languishing at the very bottom of performance measures – resulting in a huge cost to individual investors unlucky enough to have them as their pension Fund Managers!

As a result of the review you will understand:

  • Exactly how much your fund is worth
  • How well your current fund is performing
  • Charges and costs you are incurring

When you request a free, no obligation Lowndes Alexander Daniel Ltd. Pension Review – We will carry out an independent examination of –

  • Your Pension contracts and their suitability
  • Your Pension contracts and all the associated costs reducing their performance
  • Your Pension contracts and their fund performance since investment – something that will confound and concern you in many instances.
  • Projected income at retirement if nothing changes
  • What options are available
  • Whether or not you are suitable for a SIPP (Self Invested Pension Plan)
  • How a SIPP can make a positive difference

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