Employee Benefits

Our approach to employee benefits and why large employee benefit consultancies are being replaced by corporate IFA’s (such as Lowndes Alexander Daniel Ltd) for the small to medium sized business sector

The world of employee benefits for small to medium sized employers has changed considerably over the last 20 years. Progressive and enlightened companies have slowly moved away from the expensive employee benefit consultancies that had traditionally ruled the roost. Why has this phenomenon happened at such an even and steady pace, particularly in recent years?

  • Knowledge –  Knowledge driven barriers to entry have disappeared as Corporate IFA’s move towards chartered status
  • Cost – Corporate IFA’s deliver from a historically lower cost base
  • Life & Pension Providers direct involvement –  Large pension offices seeking new markets are a new momentum in this area
  • Preference for ‘’regulated advice’’ – From advisers who are policed and controlled directly by the regulator
  • Ability to provide a ‘’one stop’’ holistic advice approach – To both the management team and their employees.

Frequently, superior and wider ranging propositions are delivered to SMEs at a significantly lower cost to the sponsoring employer by businesses such as Lowndes Alexander Daniel Ltd. This benefits employees and employers alike!

Wind-Up & De-Risking Small Final Salary Schemes

The above schemes which are closed to future entry and future accrual are an on-going headache for SMEs. These arrangements were entered into at a time when the world of pensions was much different. Growing longevity, market volatility, and long term interest rates have motivated companies to remove such obligations from the balance sheet.

Lowndes Alexander Daniel has specialist knowledge and experience in bringing such projects to a timely and cost effective conclusion. We ensure all parties involved are fully consulted, as we believe that communication and delivery are the keys to a holistic solution.

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